Living and Experiencing!

Even When It's Unknown! ACK!

So, two weeks into my Practicum experience, I'm enjoying it.  I'm a semi-St. Amant Gator.  It's not as great as being a Central Wildcat though!  I went and visited and realized how much I missed everyone (even though I already knew it.)

So, onto the Unknown.

I have been on my Sabbatical and got my first paycheck reflecting just that!  Man, did that one hurt.  Every month, God shows how He's faithful when I start doubting and don't know what He's going to throw at us next.  But His plans are always good.

Right now, we're waiting on His next big solution to a BIG problem.  Having faith is easy to say but hard to do.  When we don't know what God's solution will be, Ouch.  It's easy to have faith in the after-fact.  But right now, when we're living in the Unknown, and only God knows where the story comes to a conclusion, things are hard and questions are pondered.  But in the end, Theo and I both know that God is in control.  And the best thing is, when I start to doubt, I can feel the Holy Spirit remind me that God has NEVER failed me.


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