Living and Experiencing!

Back to The Busy!

So, tomorrow (Jan 10) I start back to the real world.  I start my last leg of my Master's schooling.  If I survive the next 5 months as a Counselor Intern at Denham Springs Freshman High School and pass my Comps exam in March, I will be a proud owner of a Master's degree.

I have enjoyed my month and a half of sloth.  However, my body has not.  I have so many L-Bs to lose it isn't funny.  A seditary lifestyle can really change a person, so I have to fit that into my schedule.

Also, I am reading the bible through this year.  I have the YouVersion app on my phone (from and have selected a reading plan.  I read the selections each day and can't wait to be able to say I have read the whole bible.  I have read most of over the course of my Christian walk...but not all.  And I definitely want the experience of reading the bible through each year, for the rest of my life.

In addition, I am trying to enjoy casual reading more often.  I am on the last book of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series.  I loved those books but I am ready to check that off my to do list and move on.  Those are slow reads for me for some reason.

So make the list:
Study for Comps
Complete Internship with a smile
Lose weight
Eat right
Read the Bible through
Read for fun